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Combating Complex  
Hospital Infections.

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Complete, High Resolution
Whole Genome, 
HAI Strain Typing.

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You’ll be surprised by
what’s missing from
NGS data alone.

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OpGen & Hitachi High-Tech
Enter Agreement to
Map Human Chromosomes



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Browse more than 100 peer-reviewed articles from researchers who are using Whole Genome Mapping from OpGen

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Press Release

OpGen and Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation Enter into an Agreement to Develop Human Chromosome Mapping Service

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Complete Solutions for Microbial Genetic Analysis

OpGen is dedicated to positively influencing individual healthcare outcomes, enhancing public health, and advancing scientific research by delivering precise, actionable information and results. We offer comprehensive multi-parameter screening and surveillance panels to combat current and emerging human pathogens with the next generation of diagnostic and epidemiologic solutions using real time PCR, Multilocus Sequence Typing (MLST), Sequencing, and Whole Genome MappingTM Technology.