Why we come to work every day.


We wake every day psyched that we are on a path to creating ground-breaking diagnostics that will help guide clinicians with more rapid and actionable information about life-threatening infections, improve patient outcomes, and decrease the spread of infections caused by multidrug-resistant microorganisms. It’s an amazing feeling knowing we will make a significant difference to human health around the world.

OpGen’s Open Positions

Our Vision

We see a world where no patient will die from life-threatening drug-resistant infections and where antibiotics remain effective.

Our Mission

We harness the power of molecular microbiology and bioinformatics to develop diagnostic solutions that will optimize the treatment of life-threatening, drug resistant infections. We seek to dramatically transform patient care by using precision medicine to guide antibiotic therapy selection and help improve antibiotic stewardship.

Our Values

We hold ourselves to high standards based on a common purpose and shared beliefs. These values just so happen to spell our company name O-P-G-E-N.


We assume responsibility for our actions and are accountable for meeting commitments.


We drive for results and impact. We seek to exceed expectations and deliver extraordinary high-quality outcomes.


We freely give of our time and resources to help others. We work best in teams where everyone contributes, and we appreciate the diversity of all people involved. We listen with an open mind, and we strive to always treat others with respect and dignity.


We are passionate about revolutionizing diagnostics. We thrive on innovation and strive for our pioneering solutions to be first and best-in-class.


We are empowered with a keen sense of urgency to do what our customers need. We do not embrace procrastination and inaction.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of some of the best and brightest people in the industry – a true world-class, A-team.  We work hard and smart in collaboration with each other to achieve our noble and necessary success. As an organization, we actively strive to create a culture that fosters cooperation and engagement and provides a sense of meaningful achievement for every member of our staff.

Although we are bound by the same vision, mission and values, the employment proposition varies slightly in each business unit. To find out more about what each business unit offers its employees as well as to find specific openings that may be available, please click on the appropriate logo to visit that unit’s page.


Compensation: We offer a very competitive base compensation package in all the countries in which we operate. Many of our staff are eligible for an annual bonus and other longer-term rewards.

Recognition: Our global OpGen ShoutOut! program provides social recognition, perks and other rewards for those who stand out as examples of our core values.

Advancement: There are no layers of bureaucracy between you and the next job. As our company grows so do the opportunities to advance.

Learning & Professional Development

Because we are cutting-edge, almost every job at OpGen is a learn-by-doing classroom where mentors abound. In addition, we offer several professional development programs:

Publications and Patents: We actively support and proudly recognize any member of our team in writing professional publications, scientific posters and patent submissions.

Management Development: We hold semi-monthly discussion groups, led by experts in areas such as leadership, performance management, communications, employment law, project management, etc.

Quality Management System Training: We offer “read & understand” and well as on-the-job training in our Standard Operation Procedures as needed.

Fun Stuff

Although we are serious and disciplined about the work we do, we have a relaxed dress code throughout the company. We believe people work more productively when they are comfortable.

All of our facilities have open food pantries that offer healthy mini-meals and snacks as well as free cold and hot beverages. We also have frequent company on-site lunches, activities, and outings such as holiday parties, picnics, wine tastings, and sports events.

Bottom Line

If you are seeking a place that will make an impact on the world, challenge you to solve important problems, surround you with great colleagues, offer amazing rewards and be where you can have fun…OpGen may be your new home.

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