Acuitas Lighthouse is the first cloud-based software to identify, track, and predict antibiotic-resistant infections based on genetic information. It is being developed to help guide care and suggest the most effective medications for infected patients.


The Power of Prediction

Acuitas Lighthouse draws on genotype and phenotype data from 15,000 clinical isolates collected from hospitals worldwide. Using a powerful algorithm, it predicts antibiotic resistance in specific microbes, and generates simple reports that tell which drugs are likely to be effective and which ones are likely to be ineffective. Acuitas Lighthouse is the first service of its kind to use genomics and informatics to predict antibiotic resistance, and it is being developed to provide real-time suggestions for treatment.

Robust Surveillance

In addition to supporting care for patients, Acuitas Lighthouse is a powerful tool for epidemiology. Using rapid diagnostics and bioinformatics, it profiles and groups similar antibiotic-resistant organisms with high resolution to instantly signal possible transmission events and alert the healthcare institution of an extreme antimicrobial resistant threat.


In development.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.