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Quickly ID and track dangerous antibiotic-resistant infections through hospitals and networks

Acuitas Lighthouse is a powerful tool for epidemiology. Using rapid molecular diagnostics and bioinformatics, it profiles and groups similar antibiotic-resistant bacteria with high resolution to instantly signal possible transmission events and alert the healthcare institution of an extreme antimicrobial resistant threat.

Rapid diagnostics and surveillance for drug-resistant microbes can help protect vulnerable patients

Patients colonized or infected with AMR organisms are often cared for in multiple settings, ranging from emergency departments to hospital inpatient units to skilled nursing facilities. As these patients move from place to place, they bring AMR organisms with them, spreading resistant bacteria between facilities. For that reason, it is essential for all parts of a healthcare system to know immediately when AMR organisms are detected.

Acuitas Lighthouse provides a unique advantage for network-wide surveillance of AMR organisms. All stakeholders in a hospital or network can share data through the Acuitas Lighthouse interface, see threats around them, and mitigate outbreaks by knowing infection patterns in a timely manner.

Surveillance Project

Through OpGenā€™s collaboration with the NY State Department of Health and a select number of hospitals within their local network, the Acuitas AMR Gene Panel and Acuitas Lighthouse have been used as a core technology to identify, track and monitor AMR outbreaks.

The Acuitas Lighthouse is for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.