We help healthcare professionals, by providing a comprehensive AMR testing solution, to rapidly optimize therapy for compromised patients based on the ability to identify resistance days earlier than conventional AST.

The FDA-cleared Acuitas AMR Gene Panel detects and differentiates antibiotic resistance markers to one or more antimicrobial agents in isolated bacterial colonies of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Enterococcus faecalis, or members of Enterobacterales.

The antimicrobial resistance gene results are reported by the Acuitas AMR Gene Panel for specific combinations of bacterial pathogens and their associated genetic resistance markers.

OrganismReported AMR Gene Marker
Citrobacter freundii complexa CTX-M-1, CTX-M-9, KPC, NDM, OXA-48
Citrobacter koseriKPC, OXA-48
Enterobacter cloacae complexbCTX-M-1, CTX-M-9, KPC, TEMd
Enterococcus faecalis vanA
Escherichia coli AAC, ANT, CMY, CTX-M-1, CTX-M-2, CTX-M-9, DFR, gyrA Mutantc, KPC, MCR-1e, OXA-1, OXA-9, SHVd, Sul1, Sul2, TEMd
Klebsiella aerogenes CTX-M-1, CTX-M-9, KPC, NDM, OXA-48
Klebsiella michiganensis CTX-M-1, CTX-M-9, KPC, NDM, OXA-48
Klebsiella oxytoca CTX-M-1, CTX-M-9, KPC, NDM, OXA-48
Klebsiella pneumoniae AAC, AAD, APH, CMY, CTX-M-1, CTX-M- 9, DFR, DHA, IMP, KPC, NDM, OXA-1, OXA-9, OXA-48, RMT, Sul1, Sul2, TEMd
Klebsiella quasipneumoniaeCTX-M-1, CTX-M-9, KPC, NDM, OXA-48
Klebsiella variicolaCTX-M-1, CTX-M-9, KPC, NDM, OXA-48
Morganella morganiiCTX-M-1, KPC, NDM, OXA-48
Proteus mirabilis AAC, ANT, APH, armA, CMY, CTX-M-1, CTX-M-2, CTX-M-9, DFR, KPC, NDM, OXA-1, OXA-9, OXA-48, Sul2, TEMd, VEB, VIM
Providencia rettgeriNDM
Providencia stuartiiNDM
Pseudomonas aeruginosa AAC, ANT, CTX-M-1, CTX-M-2, gyrA Mutantc, KPC, NDM, OXA-1, PER, SHVd, TEMd, VEB, VIM
Raoultella ornithinolyticaKPC, NDM, OXA-48
Raoultella planticolaKPC
Serratia marcescensCTX-M-1, CTX-M-9, KPC, NDM, OXA-48
  1. Citrobacter freundii complex = C. freundii, C. braakii, C. werkmanii and C. youngae.
  2. Enterobacter cloacae complex = E. asburiae, E. cloacae, E. hormaechei, E. kobei and E. ludwigii.
  3. PCR assays associated with fluoroquinolone resistance detect and differentiate wild type and mutant variants of gyraseA at amino acid position 87 for E. coli and position 83 for P. aeruginosa.
  4. PCR assays for SHV and TEM detect several sequence variants for the two genes, respectively, at amino acid positions 156 and 104 associated with wild type penicillin resistance and mutations associated with ESBL phenotypes.
  5. The panel includes an assay for the detection of the mobilized colistin genetic determinant MCR-1 in E. coli.


What does this mean to clinicians?

The identification of genetic determinants associated with antibiotic nonsusceptibility or resistance can aid clinicians in the management of patients with known or suspected antibiotic non-susceptible or resistant bacterial infections.

  • Results in about 2.5 hours
  • Rapidly rule-in resistance
  • Reassess empiric treatment
  • Isolate patient prior to final AST
  • Support antibiotic stewardship


What makes the comprehensive Acuitas® AMR Gene Panel unique?

  • FDA cleared
  • 28 genetic antimicrobial resistance (AMR) markers (including MCR-1, a marker of public health importance associated with reduced inhibitory activity of polymyxins)
  • 9 classes of antibiotics (detect and report AMR associated with resistance to select drugs in the following antibiotic groups: aminoglycosides, carbapenems, cephalosporins, fluoroquinolones, penicillins, polymyxins, sulfonamides, trimethoprim, and vancomycin)
  • Any primary sample source (from isolated bacterial colony)
A Mutant
AADDHADHAP. aeruginosa gyrA MutantSHVSul2


The Acuitas AMR Gene Panel is unparalleled in delivering high quality rapid molecular AMR results.

  • The largest AMR panel cleared by the FDA, covering carbapenems and much more
  • Support antibiotic stewardship with the potential to guide patient care at least a day earlier than traditional phenotypic AST methods
  • Can help with infection prevention and control initiatives, patient isolation procedures, and surveillance of serious or emerging AMR threats
  • Accurate detection of a broad array of AMR markers (from isolated bacterial colony)

How does it work?

Extract DNA
Extract DNA
Add Master Mix and DNA to plate
Add Master Mix and DNA to plate
Perform PCR
Perform PCR

The comprehensive Acuitas Gene Panel can detect several AMR gene variants with demonstrated association for phenotypic antibiotic non-susceptibility in a few hours of obtaining a bacterial isolate.

Each test report indicates detection of applicable antimicrobial resistance gene variants as “Detected”, “Not Detected” or “NA/NR”.

AMR Gene Panel Results Report