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20 Minute Pathogen ID from Positive Blood Cultures

QuickFISH tests are FAST and EASY with a 20-minute turn-around time and 5 minutes of hands-on time. Results can be reported at the same time labs make the critical Gram Stain call. Our proprietary platform of QuickFISH tests have been shown to reduce turn-around time to pathogen identification, decrease length of stay and lower hospital costs.

QuickFISH provides rapid and accurate identification of bacteria and yeast* 1-3 days earlier than conventional identification methods. Conventional methods employ sub-culturing, overnight incubation and phenotypic identification that can take days and lead to empiric therapy coverage with broad-spectrum antibiotics until results become available. With QuickFISH, results are available in just 20 minutes from the positive blood culture, enabling clinicians to optimize patient management.

QuickFISH Benefits

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FAST: 20 minute turn-around time allows labs to report the pathogen ID with the Gram stain result

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EASY: 5 minutes of hands-on time and a universal slide with integrated positive and negative controls allows for an easier workflow

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ACCURATE: Greater than 95% sensitivity and specificity

QuickFISH — Simple tests with big results

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Quick and easy procedure

QuickFISH - Fill 10 ulFill 10 ul of blood culture sample to QuickFISH slide.
QuickFISH - add PNA reagentsAdd PNA reagents, hybridize for 15 minutes at 55° C
QuickFISH - ExamineExamine on flourescence microscope (60x or 100x oil objective)


*Candida QuickFISH is CE Marked in the European Community. It is currently not FDA cleared and is for Research Use Only and not for use in diagnostic procedures within the United States.