Differentiate S. aureus from Coagulase-Negative Staphylococci in 20 minutes.

Mother at child's bedside - Staphylococcus

Why you need to know the difference

True infections with Staphylococcus aureus present considerable clinical challenges such as: increased mortality rates, prolonged hospital stays and additional costs. Blood culture contamination with Coagulase-Negative Staph (CoNS), on the other hand, leads to unnecessary coverage, extended length of stay and unnecessary hospital costs.1,2


QuickFISH Provides 20 Minute Identification and Differentiation of S. aureus and CoNS from Positive Blood Cultures

  • Save time and money by using as a first line detection method and rule out contamination sooner.
  • Results 1-3 days earlier than conventional methods.
  • Allows for better patient management by offering rapid pathogen ID.
Gram Stain - Staphylococcus
QuickFISH results - Staphylococcus
1Forrest et al. J Antimicro Chemo 2006; 58(1):154-185.
2Koncelik et al. Am J Clin Path 2016; 145(1):69-74.