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Let’s Take Antibiotic Stewardship to the Next Level

Ares Genetics, an OpGen Group Company, is developing DNA-based infectious disease services and solutions for drug response prediction to improve the way antimicrobial resistant (AMR) infections are diagnosed, and prevented or treated.

Next generation solutions for the global fight against AMR.

We aim to revolutionize how we address the global challenge of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). To enable better infection control and more targeted patient care, we aim to provide unprecedented insight into AMR through next generation sequencing (NGS) and artificial intelligence (AI) powered solutions.

How we do it:

Our innovative AI-powered and Machine Learning (ML) driven approach leverages the extensive, curated database ARESdb to comprehensively detect and determine the genetic profile of pathogens.

Unlike conventional molecular assays, our solutions not only detect AMR markers but shed light on prevalence and diagnostic performance for these markers and predict how pathogens will respond to therapy.

Commercial Offering

We offer a portfolio of services and solutions for outbreak surveillance, infection control, AMR prediction, and the targeted delivery of antimicrobial therapy.

Our solutions include isolate sequencing services (ARESiss), genomic pathogen ID (ARESid), the comprehensive AMR surveillance panel (ARESasp) for environmental, veterinary or patient samples, and our sequence analysis web application (AREScloud).

To enable labs globally, we have developed the AREScloud, a user-friendly bioinformatics and reporting hub powered by ARESdb.

ARESdb is a database of AMR biomarkers comprehensively covering resistance genes and mutations. Unlike other databases, ARESdb informs on the diagnostic performance of AMR markers and enables the AI-powered prediction of phenotypic resistance (predictive AST) directly from genome data.

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