Isolate Sequencing Services for Infection Prevention and Control

Outbreak Surveillance and Infection Prevention require accurate typing and characterization of bacterial isolates. Sequence your isolates with the pathogenomics- and AMR-experts at Ares Genetics and rely on the validated, AI powered ARESiss platform for accurate, comprehensive, and epidemiologically relevant data from microbial isolates.

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Bacterial Isolates or DNA

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DNA Extraction

Test tube and machine


DNA and magnifying glass

Data Analysis & Interpretation

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Comprehensive Reporting

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Your Benefits

Accurate surveillance

Reduce antibiotic use

Monitor trends and identify the emergence of new threats

Trace chains of transmission

Improve antimicrobial therapy through predictive AST

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We Offer

Express services upon request (standard turn-around time of 4-6 weeks)

Quality results based on validated ARESiss platform1

Access to reports via the AREScloud portal

ARES Technology

The ARESiss platform has been validated end-to-end using CLIA-grade processes to ensure accurate and reproducible isolate sequencing results.2

For research use only and not for diagnostics purposes.

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Whole genome sequencing using short- or long-read technology

Pathogen Characterization
Typing (cgMLST, MLST)
AMR marker profiling & annotation

Data Analysis and Interpretation
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Advanced Interpretation (optional)
Outbreak analysis
Predictive AST
Custom analytics

Comprehensive Reporting
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Web portal for reports and interpretation

Ares Expertise

An industry leading database and AI powered bioinformatics platform convert isolate genome data into epidemiologically actionable information.

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ARESdb is a comprehensive collection of resistance-associated genes and genetic markers for AMR. ARESdb includes known biomarkers and novel ones identified by our proprietary AI discovery platform. Additionally, ARESdb holds an industry-leading set of curated antibiotic susceptibility profiles and associated genomic information, enabling predictive AST.2,3

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ARESai aims to set the Industry Standard for AI powered Infectious disease testing in accordance with FDA guidelines.4,5 Ares data analysis enables pathogen identification and antibiotic resistance detection with superior accuracy.6,7 The award-winning team of Ares data scientists has demonstrated superior accuracy in independent studies, including the first multi-center evaluation of NGS-based predictive AST.6,8

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AREScloud is a web-based, user-friendly portal to Isolate Reports and an interface enabling decentralized NGS-based Isolate Analysis for reference labs and medical centers.

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