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The Infectious Disease Genomics Portal

AREScloud software hosts validated bioinformatics pipelines, powered by AI and the proprietary ARESdb, to comprehensively type and characterize pathogens, and to explore outbreaks and transmission events.

Bioinformatics pipelines for IsolatesNative Specimen, and Environmental Samples.

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Sequencing Reads Upload

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Automated Sample QC & Processing

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Antibiogram Prediction

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Contextualization & Interpretation

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Comprehensive Reporting


Your Advantage

Rely on accurate and reproducible data thanks to validated analytics, as demonstrated in multiple clinical validation studies:

1. Validation of Illumina isolate sequencing following CLIA guidelines.
2. Multicenter clinical validation of ONT isolate sequencing.
3. Multicenter clinical validation of antibiogram prediction from genome data.

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Pathogen Characterization

Identify, type and characterize bacterial pathogens from genome data. Short-read as well as long-read sequencing platforms are supported.

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Antibiotic Resistance Testing

Predict antibiograms from genome data using AI. Comprehensively detect genetic and mutational AMR markers. Detect and type plasmids.

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Comparative Analyses

Analyze local bacterial outbreaks. Explore transmission patterns for pathogens and AMR, assisted by metadata.



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Predictable Cost

Subscription models that combine predictable operational costs with the scalability of cloud software.

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Time Savings

Save time through fully automated bioinformatics. Process entire outbreak datasets within hours of data upload.

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