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AI-Powered AMR Detection and Surveillance to Inform Antibiotic Precision Therapy | April 11, 2023


Real-time Whole Genome Sequencing Surveillance for Healthcare Outbreak Detection and Investigation | February 28, 2023


FED-AMR: The role of free extracellular DNA in dissemination of antimicrobial resistance over ecosystem boundaries along the food/feed chain | August 9, 2022


Beyond infection prevention and control: How genome sequencing of AMR pathogens can improve antibiotic stewardship and patient care | April 28, 2022


Applying Whole Genome Sequencing to Define and Predict Antimicrobial Resistance | February 24, 2022


Surveillance and AI-Powered Prediction of AMR to Inform Antibiotic Therapy | December 9, 2021


Can AI powered diagnostics revolutionize antimicrobial stewardship? Machine learning based prediction of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in short and long read sequencing data | June 22, 2021


Writing the Future Infectious Disease | May 26, 2021 – A presentation by Ares Genetics at 1:40pm CEST “Capturing the Resistome: a Culture-free Approach Based on ARESdb”


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