Advanced AMR Marker Detection & Quantification

ARESasp is a target-enrichment-based sequencing service for the comprehensive detection and quantification of more than 8,000 distinct AMR genes (>14,000 AMR markers). The ARESasp service can be applied to extracted DNA from many sources including environmental, such as natural water sources or wastewater, as well as human or veterinary samples.

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Target Enrichment

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Data Analysis & Interpretation

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Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive screening for > 14,000 AMR markers

The ARESasp is as sensitive as qPCR and as comprehensive as metagenomic sequencing, thus capturing the full AMR marker spectrum in a cost-efficient way.

Sensitive & Precise AMR profiling

ARESasp was tested using bacterial communities with high and low DNA content. In this analysis, sensitive and precise marker detection (>94%) was achieved on samples with a broad range of bacterial to non-bacterial DNA ratios.

Quantification of AMR marker copy number

ARESasp incorporates internal controls to monitor assay performance and enable absolute quantification of AMR markers. The copy number of individual markers can be compared across samples and between time points.

Accessible through the AREScloud web application

ARESasp is available as a feature in AREScloud, a user-friendly web application for interactive sequence analysis, visualization, and comparison.

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Your Benefits

Comprehensive AMR marker surveillance

Environmental, veterinary or human samples

Quantitative results

Standardization to support inter-sample comparisons

Identification of emergent threats

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We Offer

Resistome profiling of simple and complex microbial samples

Sample to result service with validated SOPs

Quantification of detected AMR markers

Project management and reporting via AREScloud

Actionable AMR Marker Detection and Quantification


Target Enrichment
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Hybrid capture assay
for the selection of DNA fragments with AMR marker sequences
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Short-read sequencing
with increased sequencing depth on AMR markers
Data Analysis and Interpretation
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AMR marker detection
using sequence similarity and detection of known SNPs
AMR marker quantification by calculating normalized sequence copy numbers for every detected marker
Comprehensive Reporting
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User friendly web application for reporting and interpretation