Microbial Identification and Microbiome Profiling
Directly in Native Patient or Environmental Samples

ARESid is a sequencing service for the accurate detection of pathogens, commensals or environmental microbes.

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Native specimen or DNA

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DNA Extraction

Test tube and machine


Data Analysis & Interpretation

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Comprehensive Reporting

Optimized for Pathogen ID and Microbiome Profiling

Detection of bacterial and fungal pathogens via amplicon sequencing can positively impact patient management, particularly for suspected infections with culture-negative samples.1

Amplicon sequencing also enables a cost-effective characterization of microbiome samples.

Accurate Performance

ARESid has been validated end-to-end to ensure high accuracy and reproducibility. Likewise, all ARES products and services have been validated end-to-end.

Actionable pathogen ID and microbiome profiling


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Amplicon sequencing
 using short- or long-read technology
Data Analysis and Interpretation
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Accurate detection2 of bacteria and fungi via amplicon sequence variant (ASV) detection in the 16S ribosomal rRNA gene, or the eukaryotic ITS region

Reporting of detected microbes and their relative abundance via AREScloud and in standard bioinformatics file formats

Comprehensive Reporting
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Microbiome analysis
and multi cohort comparison, including alpha diversity and beta diversity analysis

  1. Ursenbach, A. et al. Bmc Infect Dis 21, 190 (2021).


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.