AI powered DNA Testing

Ares Genetics’ combines Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) with ARESdb the world‘s most comprehensive database on the genetics of antibiotic resistance.


ARESdb contains thousands of whole genome sequenced clinical isolates collected from more than 200 centers globally.

ARESdb combines broad resistance profiles with high-quality genetic information and enables pathogen identification with up to >99% accuracy and antibiotic resistance detection with up to more than 98%.

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Global DB

ARESdb covers 30 years of emerging antibiotic resistance to accurately detect AMR.

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>150 Digital AMR Panels

ARESdb is the world’s largest database of genetic antibiotic resistance markers and predictive AMR panels.

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Broad Pathogen Coverage

ARESdb combines deep whole-genome sequencing data with antibiotic resistance profiles and is continuously expanded.

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ARES Platform

Our proprietary digital health platform combines a NGS-based Universal Pathogenome Assay (ARESupa) with a cloud based decision support & reporting system (AREScds) that is sustainably keeping pace with rapidly evolving AMR based on an Artificial Intelligence powered in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) Reference Database (ARESdb).

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Most comprehensive, global and continuously updated proprietary knowledgebase on genetic antibiotic resistance marker and their diagnostic relevance.
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Powered by AI
Semi-automated resistance marker discovery, prioritization and validation engine. AI-informed database expansion from structured and unstructured AMR data to diagnostics markers based on expert-defined evidence levels.
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Universal Pathogenome Assay (UPA) for any patient sample.
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Secure & HIPAA compliant cloud-based Clinical Decision Support system (CDS) linking AMR markers to treatment response.


A Universal Test for Any Patient

At Ares Genetics, we are developing a rapid, DNA-based test for universal pathogen diagnostics and drug response prediction.

Advancing Diagnostics

Complementing our research use only testing services, we are working on the development of diagnostic testing services from native patient samples and plan to eventually offer an IVD test kit for use by any laboratory worldwide.

Research Testing Services
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2018 for clinical isolates
2021 (expected) for native patient samples

Diagnostic Testing Services
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Currently in development

IVD Products
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Currently in development

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Always Up-to-Date

Informed by a global and continuously updated reference database (ARESdb) to reflect epidemiology of microbial infections and resistance evolution.

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Designed to detect any pathogen and antibiotic resistance using a single, standardized test starting from any native patient sample.

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Compatible with turn-around-times of less than 6 hours at launch and 1-2 hours mid- to long term.

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Any Patient Sample

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Universal DNA-Sequencing Assay

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Cloud-Based Test Report

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Informed Precision Therapy

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Research & Epidemiology

Our digital health platform allows for connected research & epidemiology solutions as well as tracking of emerging antibiotic resistance over time and space.

With our partner network, we conveniently offer epidemiology sequencing services and reporting starting from clinical isolates, as well as cloud-based data interpretation solutions starting from next-generation sequencing raw data.

Additionally, we are currently preparing the setup of the first European reference laboratory for next-generation sequencing molecular microbiology solutions in Vienna, Austria to offer most convenient and rapid sample-to-answer testing services by overnight shipping from major European hubs.

Similarly, we are planning to set up a reference lab channel in the U.S.

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Pharma Services

AI guided Drug Development

Accelerated development of novel antibiotics and combination therapies based on rational drug design & companion diagnostics.

To accelerate discovery and development of novel antibiotics, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of data-driven services for antimicrobial drug discovery, clinical development, and product lifecycle management.

At Ares Genetics, we provide pharma services leveraging the entire OpGen Group solutions portfolio. Our services support data-driven target and lead prioritization, accelerate clinical trials, augment clinical data for regulatory submissions, as well as inform antimicrobial use for effective antibiotic stewardship post launch.

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Accelerated Development

Rational drug design & lead prioritization.

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Reduced Costs

Streamlined trials and fast-tracked drug development.

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Increased Revenues

Improved product lifecycle management and optimal drug positioning.

Early Stage Development

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Target and MoA Analysis

Customized in silico target characterization, epidemiology, and Mode of Action (MoA) analysis.

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Lead Prioritization

In vitro high throughput resistance resting combined with customized in silico data analysis solutions to predict likelihood and mechanisms of resistance.

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Biomarker Discovery

Identification, validation and epidemiological assessment of antibiotic drug specific biomarkers for clinical trials and companion diagnostics.

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MDx Development

Advanced in silico tools combined with profound experience in molecular microbiology assay design for clinical trial and companion diagnostic use.

Clinical Development

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Deep Pathogen Characterization

Deep profiling of pathogens using whole genome sequencing to enrich clinical trial data for regulatory submissions.

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Optimized Enrollment

Customized and off-the-shelf multiplex PCR panels for pathogens and resistance markers enabling rapid and targeted clinical trial enrollment.

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Life Cycle Management

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Companion Diagnostics

Customized multiplex PCR panels for rapid diagnostics and informed treatment decisions.

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Molecular Epidemiology

Post-market surveillance, resistance evolution monitoring and services.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.