Andreas Posch, Ph.D.

Managing Director & CEO: Ares Genetics

Dr. Andreas E. Posch, Managing Director and CEO, joined from Siemens, where he developed Ares Genetics’ technology core and was responsible for Bioinformatics R&D at Siemens Healthcare as well as Software Sensors & Analytics with Siemens Corporate Technology. As designated Principal Key Expert for Bioinformatics & Systems Medicine at Siemens Healthcare, he developed, executed and directed global innovation and R&D projects focusing on next-generation sequencing for diagnostic purposes, biomarker discovery, multi-scale disease modeling, advanced clinical decision support as well as genetic antibiotic resistance testing (GEAR). Andreas has an academic background in bioinformatics and biotechnology and his Ph.D. within the “Applied Bioscience Technology” program at the Vienna University of Technology was recognized by international awards and several million Euro funding from industry and competitive research grants.