The Unyvero System

Rapid molecular diagnostic solutions for severe infections

Rapid, sample-to-answer results. The Unyvero system uses multiplex PCR technology to simultaneously test for a broad range of microorganisms and antibiotic resistance markers. Unyvero is simple to use and takes ~2 minutes of hands-on time, directly from native sample. Results are displayed on-screen and can be integrated into your LIS/EHR system.


Pathogen identification and resistance reported in just a matter of hours, using multiplex PCR technology.

Excellent sensitivity and specificity with no growth required for detection of organisms and resistance genes, and results are not impacted by prior antibiotic use.

Rapid detection of clinically relevant targets enables earlier optimal antibiotic decision.

Enables testing during all microbiology laboratory shifts with an automated sample-to-answer process that drives results directly from specimen.

The Unyvero System

Early identification of causative organism(s) in patients with severe infection is crucial to optimize antibiotic use and patient survival.

The Unyvero system provides results days faster than culture and reduces clinician wait time to optimize antibiotic therapy.

Traditional Microbiology ChartUnyvero Advantages chart

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Unyvero Workflow

With three basic steps and about 2 minutes of hands-on time, using Unyvero is simple. From sample processing to cartridge assembly and analysis, manual steps are minimized. Fewer manual steps means faster, more reliable results.

Unyvero System Workflow

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The Unyvero System

Rapid, actionable results for life-saving treatment decisions

  • PCR with array detection, high multiplexing capability
  • Cartridge-based, fully barcoded
  • Random access, scalable configuration, benchtop
  • Simple qualitative results based on inherently quantitative algorithms